WordPress – Introduction


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in use today. Often used for blogging, it’s easily modified to enable the management of an entire website. Get started using WordPress to create: ·         Blogs ·         Product demonstration pages ·         Micro-sites ·         Any web content needing regular updates Our bespoke WordPress training course will be tailored to your specific needs and will help ... Read More »

Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design delivers a consistent experience to a wide variety of mobile and desktop devices by creating one set of content adaptable for: ·         Smartphone ·         Tablet ·         Laptop ·         Desktop With a growing number of your audience accessing your online content solely on their mobile devices, designing your website to display properly and remain accessible is essential.  Responsive design is ... Read More »

HTML and CSS Introduction


HTML and CSS are two of the fundamental languages used to create websites. HTML defines the structure and meaning of your web page content, while CSS adds style and presentation. Our HTML and CSS training course will teach you how the two languages work together to code websites. No need for Dreamweaver – just a browser and a text editor. ... Read More »

Adobe Certification Schedule


Adobe Certification Course Start Date End Date For Reservation Web Design CC Diploma 20-Jan 20-Feb Call +20201025000899 20-Feb 20-Mar 20-Mar 20-Apr 20-Apr 20-May 20-May 20-Jun 20-Jun 20-Jul 20-Jul 20-Aug 20-Aug 20-Sep 20-Sep 20-Oct 20-Oct 20-Nov 20-Nov 20-Dec Course Start Date End Date For Reservation Creative Web Design course 20-Jan 20-Feb Call +20201025000899 20-Feb 20-Mar 20-Mar 20-Apr 20-Apr 20-May 20-May 20-Jun ... Read More »

Web Master Diploma


Associate Course Content Introduction Unit 1 Internet Fundamentals and Site Planning Lesson 1: Fundamentals of the World Wide Web Lesson 2: Planning and organizing your website · Glossary Unit 2 – Dreamweaver’s Interface & Your First Web Page · Lesson 1: Understanding the Dreamweaver interface · Lesson 2: Layouts and alignments – starting your first web page · Lesson 3: ... Read More »